Commissioner Training

ORIENTATION. Commissioner training starts with an overview for those who are new to Scouting and those who are new to commissioner service.  New commissioner training begins with the following e-learning sessions:

  • Youth Protection — required to register as an adult volunteer.
  • This is Scouting — for a basic understanding of the Scouting movement (if needed).
  • Unit Commissioner Fast Start — for a basic understanding of the commissioner role.
  • UVTS Video — for an understanding of how to report unit visits on the tracking system.

Links to all these courses are in the e-learning section of

BASIC TRAINING. Basic training consists of position-specific courses for unit commissioners, new-unit commissioners, district and assistant district commissioners, and roundtable commissioners. Each course is about three hours in length and should be conducted by an instructor.  Contact the Council Commissioner for more information.  Completing the position-specific basic training course qualifies you to be a Trained Commissioner, and eligible to wear the Trained patch for your position.

CONTINUOUS TRAINING. After completing basic training and being commissioned, commissioners should attend training at the monthly district commissioner cabinet meeting to enhance their knowledge of the program and how they can best serve units through continuous training.

ANNUAL AND NATIONAL TRAINING. In addition, a commissioner should plan to attend an annual training event, which can be in the form of a commissioner conference or College of Commissioner Science.  See the website for more information about training for Commissioners.  Commissioners should also consider national training courses at the Philmont Conference Training Center.