Scout Executive’s Minute 01-24-17 – A Special Scout Executive’s Minute


The other day we had an incident happen at the Council Service Center which really put me over the edge. A parent came into the Scout Shop to purchase items for a specific event coming up this year. Some uniform items are provided in the Scout Store for sizing purposes, not for purchase, so that customers can know that their order will fit. Based on the fitting, customers can then place an order so that store stock is available for fitting for other Scouts. This process, which we have used for years, caused the customer to become verbally abusive towards our Service Center staff, spouting obscenities and degrading comments about them, simply because it inconvenienced her. This outburst occurred in front of young people.

To say that this behavior is not Scout-like is an understatement. There is no place in Scouting for this type of conduct. I can assure you if any of the Service Center staff would have done this, there would have been a serious and well-justified reprimand. The conduct of our volunteers should meet the same expectation of behavior. All of us would do well to look to the salient points of the Scout law to govern our behavior. Courtesy, kindness and friendliness are all attributes that could have, and should have been applied in this particular situation.

Unfortunately, I was not in the office at the time of this occurrence or I would have asked the customer to leave. Abuse of a staff member by a volunteer or participant is inappropriate. As we all know, if this type of behavior occurs in one setting, it is probably happening in others. If the behavior seems persistent, I will contact the individual’s Charter Organization Representative to discuss a plan of action moving forward.

Our staff works very hard and they are committed to insuring a quality experience for the youth, their parents and our volunteers. While we are far from perfect we try to go above and beyond every day to make the Scouting experience exceptional. This may not always have been the case, but it is now our expectation for every interaction.

Scouting is more than just an organization it is a way of life. The Scout Oath and Law are not just words on a piece of paper, but rather a guide of how to live your life.

Thank you for all that you do to provide a quality program for our youth.

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2 Responses to Scout Executive’s Minute 01-24-17 – A Special Scout Executive’s Minute

  1. Ms. Patty says:

    Thank you. Sending tons of Love to our staff member to heal this moment in their memory.

  2. Leah Switzer says:

    Your staff has always been very helpful to my husband and me and I appreciate all that they do for everyone. The volunteer should apologize to the staff for his/her behavior. This was uncalled behavior in any situation.

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