New spots have opened up for the New York Film Academy Merit Badge Day.  There are openings for the Photography class and the Game Design class.  Register at  Please follow the instructions below to ensure that your class preference Open Spots for New York Film Academy Merit Badge Day
Come to the December Roundtable to learn the Youth Protection Update, for our Boy Scout Leaders: Scoutmaster Conferences and Boards of Review, and something wonderful for our Cub Scout Leaders.  Join us on December 14th, 2017 at 7:30 PM at the Council Roundtable December 14th, 2017 - Youth Protection Update
If you have Scouts that have started the Rifle Shooting, Shot Gun Shooting or Archery Merit Badge and need to shoot the qualifying rounds, we have events scheduled this weekend.
We are scheduling a Rifle Shooting Merit Badge Qualifying Shoot on Saturday,
Shooting Sports Merit Badges Qualifying Shoots
The 2017 Eclipse was a national event, and Scouts can earn an award by completing the requirements found here.

Unfortunately, demand for this patch is much higher than anticipated by the National Supply Group.  If you want to ensure your Scouts who
Order 2017 Eclipse Patches On or Before 8/24/17
Come to the November Roundtable to learn the Who Pays for Scouting, for our Boy Scout Leaders: Role of Advancement, and something wonderful for our Cub Scout Leaders.  Join us on November 9th, 2017 at 7:30 PM at the Council Service Center.

Roundtable November 9th, 2017 - Who Pays for Scouting?
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Eagle Palms are bronze, gold and silver awards presented to young men who
The way Scouts earn Eagle Palms has changed in a big way
Calling all Scouts: Boys, Girls, and Venturers. Come to the New York Film Academy, Los Angeles Campus and earn media-related awards and merit badges. Learn about Moviemaking on an actual filming backlot. Use real animation rigs to learn how the pros animate. New York Film Academy Merit Badge Day - 11-04-17

Contact the Advancement Committee at

Merit Badge Mania

The annual Merit Badge event provides opportunities for Scouts to take classes on one, day-long Saturday.  Scouts who complete the prerequisites, identified by each Counselor in advance, can often earn two Merit Badges in one day.  This is a locally held event, lunch and snacks are provided.  It is always well attended and we try to offer classes not readily available – Law, Chess, Scouting Heritage, Disabilities Awareness, Welding –  along with the more requested Citizenships (Community, Nation, World), Art, Camping, First Aid and many others.

Extreme Merit Badge Mania Weekend

A weekend event held at Camp Verdugo Oaks, usually in the spring.  This is three days of more “extreme” merit badge classes.  We choose classes that are often difficult to complete and require more time.  Typically we offer Camping, Wilderness Survival, Hiking, First Aid, Environmental Science, Swimming and Archery.  Every year is different and we encourage scouts to join us for a full weekend of merit badge work and add two nights of camping towards your rank advancement.

New York Film Academy Merit Badge Day

The New York Film Academy in Burbank has hosts this very special Merit Badge Day for the Verdugo Hills Council Scouts.  They offer the expertise of their instructors for a full day in the fields of Animation, Game Design, Moviemaking and Photography at NO cost.  These are rare opportunities and we are gratified that so many VHC scouts have taken advantage of these Merit Badge classes.  Sign up early!

VHC Annual Recognition Dinner and Awards

A special evening created to honor the best of the best.  This annual dinner honors and celebrates all of the previous year’s Eagle Scouts and the recipients of the Silver Beaver Award given to Scouters and volunteers who have made an impact on the lives of youth through service to the council.  We also present the Outstanding Eagle Scout Award, the Glenn A. and Melinda W. Adams Award for Outstanding Service Project of the Year and the Torch of Gold award which recognizes adults for exceptional service and leadership in working with Scouts who have disabilities.  This annual event is open to all and we encourage families to attend and celebrate the accomplishments of our Scouts and volunteers alike.

Merit Badge Counselor Training

The Merit Badge counselor is a key player in the Boy Scout advancement program. By serving as a Merit Badge counselor you offer your time, knowledge and other resources so that Scouts can explore a topic of interest.  Merit Badge Counselor Training will be offered as needed or requested.