Order of the Arrow Troop Elections

Dear Scoutmasters, Asst. Scoutmasters and Troop Committee Members

Once again, it is time to think about holding an election in your troop to nominate scouts to join the Order of the Arrow.  Each troop is allowed to hold one election per calendar year so all troops are eligible to do so at this time.

Our next ordeal will be held at Camp Verdugo Oaks on the weekend of May 5-7.  The lodge would be delighted to come to your troop meeting and give a brief presentation as to what the OA is all about and then conduct an election for you.

Don’t forget that both scouts and adult scouters are able to join if they have met the joining requirements.  Attached is a copy of a pamphlet entitled “Mission of the Order of the Arrow” which tells you quite a bit about the OA and Spe-Le-Yai Lodge. It also explains the eligibility requirements.  Please print and disperse copies to any scout or adult who is eligible. I have also attached an election form which needs to be completed with the potential candidates’ name and rank. The adult nomination form and a copy of our annual lodge report to the council are attached as well.

If your troop held an election last year prior to our Fall Ordeal, and had scouts that were elected but did not attend, they are still eligible to attend the Ordeal this May.  Please ask them to bookmark the dates and distribute the attached candidate letter and registration form. It would be a shame for them to miss this opportunity simply because they forgot.

Not only does the OA provide numerous leadership opportunities and trainings for the scout, but it encourages the troop to come first and the scout to give back the knowledge he has obtained, through the OA, to his fellow scouts. As a lodge we are also planning many exciting things for this year and we would love to have more scouts join us for these events.

If you would like to schedule an election, please contact me at leafonthewind013@gmail.com or you may call me at 818-299-1997. You may also contact Dan Palumbo at palumbo421@gmail.com.  Please do so as soon as possible so that the election can be scheduled prior to this fast approaching Spring Ordeal.
Yours in Scouting,

Brayden Armes

Life Scout, Troop 201

Vice Chief of Membership

Spe-Le-Yai Lodge #249



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