Verdugo Hills Council Internet Policy

The purpose of the Verdugo Hills Council Internet Website is (a) to promote the exchange of information among the Scouts and Scouters of the Verdugo Hills Council, (b) to market Scouting to the local community, and (c) to enhance the mission to the community by promoting the program, aims and methods of the Boy Scouts of America.

The Verdugo Hills Council web site supplements existing forms of communication in conducting the Scouting program. It is recognized that all Scouters do not have access to the Internet and/or e-mail. These technologies are not required to obtain required information, but may aid in the timely exchange of information.

Planning – The Council’s Strategic Plan for Information Systems includes the Website Development Plan, Webpage Guidelines, and Web Site Operations-and-Maintenance Procedures.

Oversight – The Verdugo Hills Council Internet Web Site Committee (“the Committee”) will govern the content of the Verdugo Hills Council web site. The official VHC site has been developed and is being maintainedand edited by the VHC Web Team comprised of volunteers. The Verdugo Hills Council professional staff provides input and oversight for all content of the web site. All comments and suggestions regarding this web site should be directed to the VHC Web Team. All “official” council files are maintained on a single server.

The chartered organization for each registered unit will control the unit’s home page. Unit pages may be maintained elsewhere and be referenced with links from the council web site. The Verdugo Hills Council shall not be held liable for the contents of any unit web site whether or not such unit web site has obtained Council approved status.

The material shall be presented in accordance with the Webpage Guidelines for the Verdugo Hill Council web site and unit web sites (below).

Content – All documents, illustrations, photographs and linked material must conform to the principles, policies and traditions of the Boy Scouts of America, the Verdugo Hills Council and the unit’s chartered partner. All unit web pages must clearly identify the unit that it represents and a contact person with e-mail address for comments. The home page for the unit will contain a hyperlink to the Verdugo Hills Council home page ( prominently displayed. There is only one official VHC home page.

Adult Leadership – An adult who is currently registered with the unit must serve as an advisor for the Web Site, and all material must be approved by the advisor prior to placing it on a Web Page.

Links -The committee will review and approve links to other reputable sites promoting Scouting and related activities. These links will be periodically reviewed and reauthorized.

Names – The use of individual’s names on the council pages will be limited to the following:

  • Youth – Names of youth can be added only after a “Permission and Release of Liability” is signed by that youth’s parent or guardian. No addresses, phone numbers or email addresses.
  • Adults – Written permission is required to list the name of any adult. A formal release of liability is required to list any phone number, address or email address.

Photographs — Pictures of youth may appear on the web as long as no name or other personal information is associated with the picture.

These guidelines must be followed for the unit (i.e. pack, troop, post, district) to have a link established from the Verdugo Hills Council’s web page to the unit’s home page. Questions regarding this Internet policy should be directed to the Scout Executive of the Verdugo Hills Council.