Things to Do in the Huntington Lake Area:

Camp Silver Fir is less than a mile from the pristine shores of Huntington Lake. Activities in the Huntington Lake basin and surrounding area are plentiful. Here are just a few suggestions as well as area resources:

  • Swimming at one of the many beaches (Bear Cove, Dowville, Lakeshore)csf-hl-img0639
  • Fishing: At Huntington Lake, Big Creek, Tamarack Creek and numerous other places
  • Rent fishing boats, canoes or patio boats from the local marinas
  • Sailing – Huntington Lake is popular for sailing
  • Waterskiing
  • Horseback riding from D&F Pack Station
  • Drive to Mono Hot Springs, Florence Lake, Edison Lake, Vermillion Valley Resort, Mt. Tom Fire Lookout
  • Community events at Lakeshore Resort and Cedar Crest
  • Forest Service programs and nature hikes
  • Local historical museums
  • Tour Big Creek Power Station part of SCE Hydroelectric System
  • Scenic Drives (Kaiser Pass Road, Stump Springs Road)
  • Evening drive to Mushroom Rock for a great sunset and an amazing view of the central valley
  • Geocaching
  • Restaurants and local general store


Other Resources, Accommodations and Local Businesses in the Huntington Lake area:



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