Long Term Camping – Planning Your Own Summer Program:

csf-img3333Going out on the trail isn’t all there is to do at Camp Silver Fir. Your unit or family might chose to stay in camp and use Camp Silver Fir as a base for a week or extended weekend of activities in and around the Huntington Lake Area.

Attending an organized Boy Scout camp can be expensive. Ever thought of planning your own summer camp program?

Because we are an accredited BSA National Camp, your stay at Camp Silver Fir could count toward your unit’s Journey to Excellence for attending a long term camp.

Since the camp does not operate on “sessions,” units can begin and end their stay on the days most suitable for their program. Units can plan their own merit badge programs and sharpen their outdoor skills.

Under an agreement with Camp Kern, units can make special arrangements to visit Camp Kern for the day and use their facilities. There is a fee involved, but it includes a boat ride to and from the camp as well as lunch and/or dinner. Please contact us for details.

csf-img3351Units with appropriate leadership can leave a group in camp while another, perhaps more experienced group, hike one of the trails. Such an arrangement allows each person in the unit to have a high adventure experience on the level that fits them best. Those that stay in Camp can take short overnight hikes to nearby lakes and streams and do many of the activities available in the Huntington Lake area. They can also share in the “victory campfire” of the returning boys and catch the enthusiasm and motivation for taking next year’s hike.


Silver Fir is also a great place to spend the night before attending Camp Kern or Camp Ojato, on the south side of Huntington Lake.

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