Eagle Scout Application Process

The Eagle Scout application procedures can appear to be very confusing, and there are many myths about what is and what is not required. Don’t panic! Here is what you need to do, and what to expect during the application process!

  1. Complete the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project BEFORE your 18th birthday.
  2. Complete the leadership, merit badge and other requirements for the Eagle Scout Rank BEFORE your 18th birthday.
  3. Download and fill out the Eagle Scout Rank Application. Attach the Statement of Life Purpose (Requirement 7).
  4. Sign the Eagle Scout Rank Application to certify that all of the information is true and correct.
  5. Obtain the signatures of your Scoutmaster, and the Committee Chair of your unit, to demonstrate unit approval of your Eagle Scout Rank Application.
  6. Submit the completed Eagle Scout Rank Application (including the Statement of Life Purpose) and the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook to the Council Service Center by your 18th birthday if at all possible. (Please note that the Council Service Center is closed on weekends and holidays. Plan ahead so you can meet the deadline.)
  7. Upon verification that all of the documents have been submitted, you will be invited to attend an Eagle Scout Board of Review. This is typically one month after submission of your documents. (These reviews are usually held on the 4th Thursday evening of each month. For details, check the Council Calendar.)
  8. Upon council approval, the Eagle Scout Application will be sent to the National Council for processing. If approved by the National Council, the award date will be the date of the Board of Review above.

Although an Eagle Scout binder is no longer required, Scouts are encouraged to create a portfolio to hold photos, blue cards, letters of reference, project plans, awards, certificates, etc. This scrapbook helps the Board of Review see the youth’s accomplishments, and serves as a great memento of his Scouting career that he can cherish forever. A Scout must submit the Eagle Scout Rank Application, the Statement of Life Purpose, and the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook at minimum. If you have questions about the Eagle Scout process, contact the council service center at 818-243-6282.