Unit Management Software
As ScoutNet becomes a more stable product, more features are being made available. Through the Unit Software Initiative, computerized advancement reporting and computerized rechartering are now available to all units. What is this wonderful toy and how does it work? Does it truly mean no more paperwork?

The wonderful toy is a new module or modules in approved Unit Software packages. It does not mean the end of paperwork, but it does mean a reduction in paperwork you must do and a concomitant reduction in turnaround time. In tests already run, a unit that took 1-1/2 days to process the old way took 20 minutes to process under this system. The software not only creates all the necessary forms, it places the data, properly formatted on a diskette for transmittal. As an extra plus for your advancement chairman, the software will also prepare the advancement reports and create an appropriate diskette.

If your unit is already computerized, check your software and see if you need to replace or upgrade it. Troopmaster, Scoutmate and Scoutsoft are the only vendors approved (see links below). As new vendors are added, that information will be included on the web site. Each of the vendors has its own web site and demos are available.

If your unit is not already computerized, look to the possibility of one of your members hosting the software for your unit. You should be able to get into the computerized Scout world for under $300. Also check with any members who work for major companies. They frequently have older units that they will donate to non-profit organizations such as packs, troops and crews.

Links to approved software suppliers:
Scoutmate  -- Scoutsoft -- Troopmaster

ScoutNET interface specifications
BSA has announced that the system will no longer accept electronic recharter and advancement reports from versions of TroopMaster 2000 earlier than V1.09 and from versions of PackMaster 2000 earlier than V1.03. Update patches for both programs are available on the respective product pages on the Troopmaster web site.