Unit Membership

Article XI, section, clause 8, of the Rules and Regulations of the Boy Scouts of America provides a Scouting Unit with the authority to determine its own youth membership. It reads:

Scouting units are small, intimate groups. In the Cub Scout and Boy Scouts programs, the units are made up of even smaller groups, dens, and patrols, which often meet regularly in private homes. So long as they are faithful to Scouting's membership philosophy, set forth below, it is for the unit to determine on the basis of considerations such as group size or youth behavior whether to admit or to continue the membership of a youth member.
It is the philosophy of the Scouting movement to welcome all boys and young people, regardless of race or ethnic background, who are willing to accept Scouting's values and meet other requirements of membership. Young people of all religious backgrounds are welcomed in Scouting, some participating in units for youths of a particular religion and the greater majority participating in units open to members of various religious backgrounds.