Supporting Scouting

Scouting helps young people "tell the difference between right and wrong," according to a Louis Harris survey. The study also showed that staying away from drugs, building self-confidence, helping at home, and a strong sense of self-worth and ethical values are all results tied directly to participating in the programs of the Boy Scouts of America.

To keep this program moving forward and bringing its values-based programs to more youth requires the participation of youth and volunteers, as well as the financial support of the community.

Who pays for Scouting at Verdugo Hills Council?

  • The youth by earning and saving his money for handbooks, uniforms, dues of membership and camp fees.

  • The unit leaders by personal expense for transportation, uniforms, equipment, special training and time for unit activities.

  • The Verdugo Hills Council through funds from Friends of Scouting and other charitable gifts to support professional leadership, the Council Service Center, camping facilities, unit leader training, the Scouting program, organizing new units and recruiting new members, and administration.

Your tax-deductible contribution or estate gift will ensure continuation of the Scouting program in your community. Please contact the Scout Executive at (818) 243-6282 to participate in this worthwhile program. Below are some the ways you can help.


Friends of ScoutingMemorial/Tribute FundJames E. West1910 Society

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